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Being a member in the Gar-Field Marching Band requires an understanding and acceptance of the dedication and time required for success.  All members are expected to work toward a greater understanding of "musicianship" and "ensemble".  They will be expected to follow a rigorous schedule of rehearsals and performances.

The marching band season at Gar-Field High School goes from the beginning of August through mid November of each year. In preparation for the season and our July 4th parade, there are several evening training sessions during June near the end of the school year.  In order to maintain a position in the marching band, members are expected to be present at every band function.

The Marching Band program has been created to supplement the music education experience our members receive during the regular school day, not to replace it.  Marching Band is a co-curricular activity.   

It is important that marching band members fully understand the commitment they are making to our organization in regards to other obligations they may already have.  Students are expected to study the published Band Calendar and organize their time accordingly.  Academic achievement is always your first priority!  Failure to maintain your high academic standing will have a negative effect on every member of our group!  Students will need to organize their time in order to meet all of their commitments during this very busy season of membership in the marching band.  All doctor and dental appointments should be arranged, if at all possible, to avoid conflict with rehearsal and performance times.  Communication and organization in this area is the key to your success.  Be aware of the "Band/Activities Conflict Resolution" section of your Handbook.  Students missing rehearsal for illness, tutoring or any medical appointments may quickly fall behind and will not be allowed to perform until performance standards are fully met.  Check your Band Calendar regularly!

There is a financial commitment for membership as well, but specific costs will vary by section. Costs associated with Marching Band can be found on our Band Fees page.  Out-of-Pocket expenses beyond this amount will be needed for meals or personal use only.  

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