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Marching Band Membership

The Marching Band at Gar-Field High School is a performing arts and music education organization dedicated to the development of musicianship and performance in each of its members.  While musical development is our primary goal, membership in the organization also encourages self-reliance and helps to promote a positive self-image in each student.  Members will gain a greater understanding of teamwork, sportsmanship, civic pride and contributions of one's personal best to a group effort. These lessons are learned through a musical and marching activity in which there is a blending of the arts and athleticism.

The Gar-Field Marching Band is an extension of the music education program at Gar-Field High School.  The band is fully supported by the Prince William County Public Schools and by the administration of Gar-Field High School.  In addition, the Gar-Field High School Music Parent Association, which is a non-profit corporation formed specifically for encouraging and supporting the music programs at Gar-Field High School, provides financial and logistical assistance to the ensemble.

The pinnacle of our marching season centers on the Virginia Band and Orchestra Director’s Association (VBODA) Marching Performance Assessment, which evaluates member bands on high standards of performance and awards ratings based on the musical and visual performance of each band.  

Membership in the Gar-Field Marching Band is open to GFHS students who share and display a willingness to work hard to achieve mutual success. A positive attitude and strong work ethic are more important to our success than talent alone and these attributes will be stressed in every rehearsal.  Our program has been established to supplement the music education experience our members receive during the regular school day, not to replace it.  

All marching band members are expected to maintain high academic achievement throughout the school year.   The Gar-Field Marching Band encourages a culture of high expectations and high achievement for every member. 


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