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Band Camp Checklist

What you need to prepare for Band Camp:

All Band Camp days and times are required for all members of the marching band.   Students are expected to make arrangements with vacation and work schedules to keep these dates open.  All members (winds, percussion and guard) must attend all sessions.  This will be our time to learn the music and the entire drill for our fall show and to begin putting it all together.  We can not do that without 100% attendance!  If you do need to miss any of these dates you may still participate in some way, depending on the circumstances.  You will not be guaranteed a position on the field if you do not have 100% attendance. 

Some additional notes on Band Camp:


  • You must HAVE a WATER BOTTLE, filled with water, throughout every rehearsal!   This must be something you keep with you and/or can attach to you by a strap or belt.  "Camel-backs" or canteens are a great idea.  

  • You must attend each rehearsal for the entire time!

  • Rehearsals begin as listed on the schedule - all students should arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for rehearsal.  TO BE EARLY IS TO BE ON TIME!!

  • Avoid "dieting" during band camp.  You will burn lots of calories and you need all you can get during this strenuous time.

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast before arriving each day - this is a must!  If you don't, you risk getting sick!  If you do not normally eat breakfast, then please change your habit for the band camp weeks!  If you do not eat, you are putting your health and safety at risk!

  • Athletic shoes (low top, rounded heel) and socks are required!  No sandals, flip-flops, "skater" or flat-bottom shoes, etc.  This is for your protection and comfort.  In-appropriate footwear can lead to accidents and physical discomfort.

  • Wear comfortable clothing - light in color and loose fitting

  • If you wear long pants for rehearsal, they must not drag the ground or cover the sole of you shoe.  Long, baggy trousers are a trip hazard on the marching field and are NOT allowed.

  • Wear a hat - a wide brim and/or some type of protection for the neck would be best.

  • Wear Sunglasses

  • Wear a high SPF sunscreen or sun block.  Work on your tan some other time - we need you now!

  • You will need to bring a lunch and snacks each day.  You MAY NOT leave campus during camp hours.

  • YES, we do rehearse in the rain, so always have a change of clothes available just in case.


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