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Info on the required fees to be a member of the Rockin' Red Wolves Pep Band

Fees for Rockin' Red Wolves pep band are as follows. 


*PLEASE NOTE:  Notifications will be provided of ANY changes regarding the below.  Notifications for any additional needs or fees will be provided in writing as soon as they are deemed necessary.

Yearly Fee

$20.00 will need to be paid once on the first year of membership. We have set up several ways to do this including cash, Zelle, Apple Pay, GPay, or check.  This fee will include the funds needed for the student's shirt. 

Note:  This fee will be $10.00 per season if student is a returning member with a uniform shirt that is still in acceptable condition for performance.

Note:  This fee will not include any other required uniform items.


$15.00 will be required for any replacements of the student's pep band t-shirt. 

Note:  T-shirts are required portions of the uniform and must be kept in good condition and worn to all performances.  If a replacement is deemed necessary by the student, staff, or directors, the cost of which will be the sole responsibility of the student.

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