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New support options AVAILABLE NOW! 

Click ABOVE to get to our Spirit Wear center at Athletes Mark and get your Red Wolves gear!

Helping out with equipment, services, materials, the marching and pep bands, to meet the needs and help the students, the most important part, have what they need to succeed.  Your support in fundraisers, events, and donations go a long way to keeping these dreams alive for these students.  Click the banner above to see what options are out there for you to support them!


05/29/24 - ALL BAND - The Spring Concert is in the auditorium TONIGHT (Wednesday, May 29th).  Call Times:

Symphonic Band: 5:30pm

  • Personal belonging will be stored in the Band room. 

Wind Ensemble: 6:15pm

  • Personal belongings will be stored in the Choir room.  

Concert Attire for all students: 

  • Black Polo

  • Black Dress Pants

  • Black Dress Shoes

  • Black socks

All are looking forward to it! :)  

MARCHING BAND - BAND CAMP IS COMING SOOOOOON!  4th of July practices are in full swing and the parade is coming very VERY soon!  Please keep an eye on the website and/or emails from Mr. Turner and notifications on BAND app.

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