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New support options AVAILABLE NOW! 

Helping out with equipment, services, materials, the marching and pep bands, to meet the needs and help the students, the most important part, have what they need to succeed.  Your support in fundraisers, events, and donations go a long way to keeping these dreams alive for these students.  Click the banner above to see what options are out there for you to support them!


09/26/2023 - MARCHING BAND + PEP BAND!

First of all, AMAZING season for the Howling Red Wolves Marching Band!  You all did a PHENOMENAL job and we are all so proud of you!  

Schedule for some items for the Marching Band:

Wed Nov 1 - Practice (Normal 2:30 time)
Wed Nov 8 - 8th grade night (4:30 - 8ish)
Wed Nov 15 - Marching Band Pictures (right after school) and Pep Band interest meeting

Pep Band Dates:

Wed Nov 15 - Interest meeting

Tue Nov 21 - First practice

Fri Dec 8 - First game

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